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Small Business Server Repair


Fast Server Repair and Installs designed for Businesses



It’s easy to take your business server for granted when it is performing well. Finding fast, effective solutions is important when problematic issues develop and server repair becomes a reality rather than a possibility. Having been cross-trained on various platforms and technologies, our knowledgeable technicians are proficient in this area of expertise, and they are fully prepared to resolve server issues that might prevent your business from achieving optimal productivity.

Concerns Regarding Your Business Server?

Your business server shouldn’t be a source of concern for you. Smooth operational functionality is critical to your business productivity and company growth. If you are concerned about any of the following issues, one of our computer specialists can evaluate your system and ensure that its security and data are fully protected:

  • Backup status
  • Virus definitions
  • Firewall status

Our specialists can assist in performing remote diagnostics, back-up management, data recovery, and secured networking capability. Their up-to-date knowledge on the latest technological solutions (cloud and wireless network) is exceptional, giving them the skills needed to address every make and model of server in every type of situation.

Server Repairs & Maintenance Procedures

Our specialists handle server repair and maintenance support utilising a wide range of diagnostic procedures and techniques that are designed to quickly identify server hardware and/or software issues in order to resolve problems and prevent them from recurring. Depending on the root cause of the problem (hardware malfunction, software incompatibility, virus attack, or other technical issue), your server might need to undergo one or more of the following repair strategies:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic analysis
  • Software upgrade
  • Hardware replacement
  • Re-installation of the operating system
  • Server hardware upgrade
  • Computer virus removal


Common Server Repairs

Do you suspect that a glitch is happening to your system, but you aren’t sure if it requires the attention of a team of specialists? Here is a look at the symptoms that should be of concern to your company:

  • Difficulty accessing files
  • Inability to perform a task that used to be easy
  • Slow performance
  • Inconsistent printing capability
  • Server crashes
  • Recurring technical issues
  • Server freezes or locks up
  • Excessive intrusions, such as persistent pop-up windows
  • Network problems
  • Inconsistent email capability

Network Server Repair

If you believe your server needs repair, please don’t hesitate to contact Nexus. Our network server technicians have experience with all of the major brands in servers. They are familiar with simple networks up to the most complex designs. Our goal is to provide quality server repairs so that your company can get back to business as usual.