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Providing Network Support, Help Desk, Server Repair, Cybersecurity & More.

Our Orlando, FL Offerings

Our Orlando, FL IT Support Process

First Contact

Establishing a Foundation

The vast majority of our new clients need our services sooner rather than later due to a failing IT employee or service provider. Our Onboarding process ensures we receive all necessary information to begin support.

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First Contact
Week 1

IT Audit

We take a deep look at your existing systems and gather all the necessary information and documentation about your technology infrastructure. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to an expert understanding of YOUR systems.

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Week 1
End of Week 1

Informed Consultation

Armed with the knowledge of your systems provided by the IT audit, we build out a strong project plan that sets your company up for success with our advanced technology systems.

it consultation orlando techspert
End of Week 1
Week 2 to Week 3

Advanced Systems Deployment

Once we work with your team to perfect the path forward, we get to work. Our primary focus during this time is little to no employee impact with maximum efficiency.

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Week 2 to Week 3
End of Week 3

Long-term Success

After your new systems have been tested and proved functional, our long-term goal is to ensure these systems stay operational, patched, and optimal for your business. We remain your IT department for future projects and continual support.

long term sucess orlando techspert
End of Week 3
Week 4 & Beyond

Ongoing Reports

Once our trust has been established and you know we'll handle things moving forward, we provide to you and your executive team a weekly or monthly report on our work, your device health, and all other IT related information so you can quickly stay up to date and remain focused on running your business.

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Week 4 & Beyond

Ready to get started? Check out our pricing!

Monthly Save $$ Annual
Small Business
per user per month
per user per month
HelpDesk Support
Device Monitoring
Patch Management
Antivirus Software
* Billed monthly (auto-renewal)
* Billed annually (auto-renewal)
per user per month
per user per month
HelpDesk Support
Antivirus Software
Antivirus Threat Response
Workstation Backup
Patch Management
Device Monitoring
Server Backup starting @ 1TB
* Billed monthly (auto-renewal)
* Billed annually (auto-renewal)
per user per month
per user per month
HelpDesk Support
Antivirus Software
Antivirus Threat Response
Workstation Backup
Patch Management
Device Monitoring
Server Backup starting @ 1TB
Dark Web Monitoring
Employee Phishing Training
Organization Phishing Protection
Custom Reporting
* Billed monthly (auto-renewal)
* Billed annually (auto-renewal)

Orlando, FL Server Support

Server Support

Servers can be detrimental to a business' operations. Having a server experience issues, hardware failure, or security intrusions can put your business at a halt. Our server technicians are focused on getting you back up to speed.

Skilled Technicians

Our specialists can assist in performing remote diagnostics, backup management, data recovery, and secured networking capability. Their up-to-date knowledge on the latest technological solutions (cloud and wireless network) is exceptional, giving them the skills needed to address every make and model of server in every type of situation.

Unexpected Crash Support

It’s easy to take your business server for granted when it is performing well. Finding fast, effective solutions are important when problematic issues develop and server repair becomes a reality rather than a possibility. Having been cross-trained on various platforms and technologies services, our knowledgeable technicians are proficient in this area of expertise, and they are fully prepared to resolve server issues that might prevent your business from achieving optimal productivity.

Our Five Star Orlando, FL Service

But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what our clients have to say.


Cloud Software

Cloud Managed

Knowing you need certain tools and lacking the knowledge to use them can be a difficult scenario. We're committed to making sure your cloud software like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are setup and managed correctly.


Responsive Support

Organizations with anything from one computer to thousands of computer systems all have requirements for protecting data. While the scale is different, the objectives and limitations are essentially the same. Likewise, those who perform backups need to know to what extent they were successful, regardless of scale. Our cloud services handle everything for you so that you never need to worry about a loss of information.

Cloud Secure

Robust Software

It is important to understand that true data protection is a process that requires continual management. As long as new data is being created and changes are being made, backup processes and storage devices will need to be monitored, tested, and updated. To ensure that the backup scheme is working as expected, the process needs to include monitoring key factors and maintaining historical data to ensure that everything is backed up to the cloud.


24/7 Access

We fully support cloud software like Microsoft Office 365 and Google WorkplaceExplore the benefits of migrating your business to the cloud. The perfect solution for today's virtual workforce that businesses are employing more of each passing year.

orlando fl rapid response it support
Get Help Now!

Orlando, FL Rapid Response IT Support

We work to understand your needs and your current information technology setup, and then we apply our knowledge and experience in business-oriented computing to optimize your results. We use the newest technologies and software to provide a stable foundation that you can build your IT resources around. This enables you to save time and money, allowing you to put resources back into business growth.

95% of IT problems are solved within the first four hours of the issue. Those are numbers you can stand by.

When cybercriminals strike, there is no time to waste. An attack can cost your business days or even weeks of productivity and potentially thousands of dollars in repairs and lost revenue. Need help quickly? You can count on Techsperts and our full-service support. We will come out to teach you the basics of network security and why small businesses need to fortify their networks.

Office Relocation

Moving your business can be a stressful endeavor. And the last thing you want when you get to your new location is downtime because your equipment isn't setup.

Moved with care
Quick turnaround
Careful relocation
Expert setup
office relocation orlando techspert

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible, reliable service - custom designed for your needs and requirements - in which you can have absolute trust and confidence. Our combination of professional engineers, purpose-built packaging, secure transportation and fully insured service means that you can relax, knowing that your valuable IT equipment and data is in safe hands.

orlando fl hourley and monthly it consulting services techspert
Expert Technicial Advice

Orlando, FL Hourly and Monthly IT Consulting Services

Does your IT support meet your business needs, or is it holding you back? Are you too busy to handle IT support problems as they arise?

At Techspert Services, we understand. Our IT Support Services are there to for your business as it grows, changes, and prospers. Our services are designed to cater to the needs of busy executives that just want the job done quickly and correctly. We have the expertise to anticipate your network support needs, exceed your expectations, and make you rethink how IT should be handled. With flat-rate pricing, we offer excellent services at a manageable cost all through Jacksonville and surrounding areas. 

Even if you have your own IT team, we provide supplementary services that will help bolster your existing IT during busy seasons. If you're just looking for some temporary help or permanent assistance, we can be the team you count on in any situation.



Fastest IT Support in Orlando, FL

Having issues with your computer network? No need to worry, Techsperts has got your back! The quality of our service is unmatched in Florida. We employ a tailored approach, by studying the framework of your IT setup and leveraging our knowledge and expertise in IT services to maximize the performance of your network.

Our technologies and practices are industry-leading, so you can expect only the best performance from your network. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Call now and partner with the leading IT support provider for small businesses in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami areas.

IT Support Near Me orlando techspert
it support orlando techspert
rapid it support orlando techspert
it services orlando techspert

IT Support Leader of Orlando, FL 

Our services are very deliberate and thorough. Our IT consultants will gladly teach you the basics of your networking hardware and firewall needs so that you can better understand the dynamics and have a broader sense of your IT security. Working with our experts in IT Strategy Consulting will enable you to build a safe network that protects your own data as well as that of your customers. Building a network management system will allow you to check the safety of each device and workstation software running on your network; you cannot afford to work without one. Call us today to learn how you can enjoy a safer, faster network that saves you time and headaches. We also provide cloud computing tips to help your businesses.

Would you like to streamline your operations? Computer and network troubles can harm your business, or even cease operations completely. As a business owner, you have no time for network issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste the time and energy it takes to staff IT personnel because we have already done that for you!

At Techsperts, we are here to assist you every step of the way! Business owners from small to enterprise sizes all across the greater Orlando, FL area can now take advantage of our Managed IT Support services. We have several different customizable plans available to fit your specific needs. Call us now to start a plan today!

With our IT services, business owners do not have to worry about downtime. We have staff ready to assist you on-site anywhere in Florida. We understand that managing a business on your own is tough, so let us provide our expertly-managed IT services.

We service all parts of the greater Orlando, FL area. Whether you're in Sanford, Davenport, Clermont, and even Lake Nona, we got you covered! Our headquarters isn't far either! We are located in historic downtown Jacksonville on Bay street, not far from the river.

Important Areas of IT Support for Orlando, FL

Software Solutions to Make Your Life Easier

Even the most impressive hardware is obsolete without powerful, practical software to manipulate it. Techsperts is a full-service stop from networking to software solutions. Our expert consultants can get you the right software that you’ll actually use and help you to eliminate any bloatware.

Not in the office, but need that file right now? No problem! Our remote access software will make your life easier by allowing you to access your devices from anywhere, at any time; experience the unparalleled power of remote access software today.

What Could Happen?

Disasters of all kinds cause downtime that is damaging to a business.

Disaster planning must encompass disasters of all types and sizes: fires, floods, fraud, ransomware, cyber-attacks, power or IT system failure, human error, acts of terror, and other unthinkable scenarios. Not to mention Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee are all susceptible to yearly hurricane threats.

While the type of disaster varies, the impact is typical: data and operational downtime that is truly disastrous.

The devastating effect of downtime caused by disaster include irreparable damage to data, reputation, customer relationships, income, and business vitality.

The best offense is a good defense; you must protect your business by understanding your vulnerabilities, safeguarding against the risks, and preparing for the worst possible business disruption with a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery that will shield your data, protect your business, and keep your systems available and reliable no matter what happens.

We offer Data Recovery for every single storage medium, as well as Backup Solutions to prevent data loss from happening in the first place.

New Cyber Threats Emerge Daily

Cybercriminals are relentless in their attacks on our networks. New threats emerge daily and can spread like a wildfire. Most recently, attacks like ransomware have affected millions worldwide and costed innocent victims millions of dollars. Do not fall prey to these attacks, we do not want to reward criminals for their efforts.

Arm yourself, call Techsperts today to help you build a strong network. Learn about safer computing methods, such as using a hardened web browser and a firewall. Cyberattacks can cost you a fortune, or even worse...put you out of business. Don’t be a victim, call Techsperts today and we will scan your network for any vulnerabilities and patch them up as needed.

Boost Productivity; Reduce Running Costs

Let us assist you in the digital transformation of your business; the technology exists to make our lives easier, not complicate our operations. Techsperts’ Managed Service Package makes technology an asset NOT an obstacle. We give you the power and flexibility of the cloud, without the hassle and cost of doing it yourself. Where other providers simply rent you raw infrastructure – Techsperts goes all the way with a specialized, seamless experience to keep your business running with minimal interruption. With increased network capacity comes increased collaboration; a strong network is a gift that keeps giving. You will be astounded by how much more productive your team can be with a smooth network. Call us now to set you up with a safe network that can add business value.

Looking to reduce equipment costs? Take advantage of an emerging trend within the workplace today, known as ‘Bring Your Own Technology’. BYOT allows the business owner to save thousands of dollars in equipment costs by allowing employees to bring their own devices and connect to corporate information systems. While it is a great way to lower equipment and data costs, it can be a risky move if not implemented properly. Click here to learn more about BYOT, and contact our support specialists to learn how to implement it in your workplace safely today.

Don't Lose Your Memory

Business-critical data is usually stored on multiple hard disk arrays called RAID. Most RAID arrays are created to add redundancy to storage servers to prevent data loss and disaster in case of a single hard disk failure.

SSDs are becoming more and more popular and we can recover data from almost all brands of Solid State Drives. Whether important documents or pictures have been accidentally deleted, formatted or the Solid State Drive is malfunctioning and not recognized by your computer. The majority of SSD failures are due to a malfunctioning internal controller or electronic damage to the circuit board. In most cases data recovery software will be unable to recover any data due to the physical failure of the SSD itself and its components. Our proprietary techniques allow us to extract your data directly from the NAND memory chips and thereby recover your data with a high success rate. We have successfully recovered financial documents, movies, and photo collections for photographers, students and teachers, and even law enforcement.

Secure Your Front Line with the Best Defense Against Cyber Attacks: Knowledge

Create the best line of defense against cyberattacks and technology issues by equipping your team with the knowledge to succeed.

In today's ever-changing world, odds are that you are going to have to adopt some new technology. Getting the team on board with it usually depends on how knowledgeable they are about the new tech and software. 

We are on the ground in all parts of the greater Orlando, FL area, meaning we can come to your office and assist in training your team on the new hardware or software. Teaming up together with your team and empowering them with anti-cyber attack knowledge, is how we prevent cyber attacks from becoming a potentially devastating problem!

86% of businesses have now deployed Phishing Training into their operations to prevent security intrusions like Ransomware. With a low per-user pricing structure, you pay for what you need and turn your users into the best defense against malware. 

Have Your Equipment Working Smarter Not Harder

Providing support and maintenance for the devices you use to run your business. Don't allow slow or corrupted devices to hinder your business' productivity.

Techsperts' desktop support services are provided to keep your desktops’ security and performance up-to- date and running smoothly. We provide operating system updates, software installation and updates, PC performance tuning, desktop security, and troubleshooting and repair.

Our in-house Help Desk team is comprised of highly skilled technicians and analysts who provide a single point of contact for incidents and service requests for our clients. Our Help Desk team can be can be reached through email, web portal login, or phone.

Workstation Support is available for:

 End user support & workstation service
 Desktop performance monitoring
 Microsoft patch management
 3rd party patching (when applicable & available)
 Anti-virus/malware software management
 Executive reports
 Asset & inventory reports

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