Phishing Training

Equip your team with the knowledge to identify and neutralize phishing attempts before an intrusion occurs.


Did you know...

90% of corporations deploy some form of phishing training for their employees. (Sophos, 2021)

(Yeah, 90%)

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Realistic campaigns for effective training.

End users are the largest, most vulnerable target in most organizations. In real-world attacks, end users are relentlessly bombarded with spear-phishing and socially engineered schemes.

Effective Monitoring and Reporting

Understand your organization’s security health and demonstrate real return on investment with intuitive dashboard results on-demand.

The phishing training dashboard provides at-a-glance campaign results on user susceptibility and allows you to measure overall risk levels across your entire user group with live Awareness Factor Data, including:

  • Top-level campaign results
  • Organizational trends of caught employees and reporters
  • Total users caught
  • Testing coverage
  • Days since the last campaign

Identify those who have been warned or blocked from visiting a website due to its risk profile. You can then seamlessly enroll them into targeted phishing simulations and training to improve awareness and reduce your risk of attack.

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