Data Back-up and Recovery Before Jacksonville Hurricane Season

Given that we live in a tropical state, we get to enjoy a lot of pleasant weather. There are times though when the weather is not so pleasant. Our hurricane season brings with it plenty of storms that can lead to power surges and brownouts. Power outages can damage your hard drive and cause you to lose valuable information.
When a computer is hit by a power surge, a myriad of unfortunate events can take place. When an excess of voltage hits your power supply, it can fry all of the computer’s components that are directly linked to it, and the components closest to the power supply get hit the hardest. Given that you run the risk of decimating your hard drive during inclement weather, having a data back-up and recovery plan is essential. When your sensitive data is on the line, you need an expert; let our trained professionals assist you along every step of the way. Before the next big storm hits, reach out to our Jacksonville Managed IT Services.

What Is Data-Backup and Recovery?

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A data backup is essentially a mirror image of your data, or a copy. We can store backups in various locations as a safeguard. Our flexible storage options allow you to backup your data to the cloud, local disks, tape devices, as well as local network drives so that you can access it from anywhere.

In the event that you do lose data or your files become corrupted during a power outage or similar event, you will need to have a recovery plan in place. Data recovery can restore your data to its previous state before the corruption occurred. If you are dealing with sensitive information or you are storing valuable projects on your drive, data back-up and recovery tools are a necessity. With our advanced software, we are able to restore your data within seconds.


What are the Different Types of Backups?

 Disk or Tape Backups:

These are the oldest and traditional forms of backing up data to a physical device. This method has its pros and cons. It is a fairly inexpensive method of data back-up and recovery, and hard disk backups offer a quick and reliable method of backing up your data, however, given that it is a physical device, you do not have the same accessibility as the more modern options.

 Direct-to-Cloud Backups:

With this option, you send your data directly to the cloud without the need for a physical backup. In a sense, you are backing up your data at a remote data center. While utilizing the Cloud storage option, you do not have any physical data storage on-site. While this option is regarded as more convenient for most, you are limited by your Internet capabilities. Fortunately, today’s high-bandwidth capabilities rarely cause an issue.

 A Hybrid Backup:

With a hybrid data back-up and recovery option, you reserve a local backup of your data and utilize the Cloud to store your data remotely as well. Your machines will backup to local devices first, and your local storage device can backup to the Cloud after hours as to not interrupt your devices’ performance during operating hours.


 Data Backup and Recovery Technology

Your recovery options are dependant upon your backup methods. Data recovery services are also available that attempt to fish out fragments of data that were not backed up and accidentally deleted.

Recovery From Your Local Device:

By choosing a disk or tape backup, you can quickly recover your data on-site.

Recovery From the Cloud:

Should you choose to backup in the Cloud, you should always have this available as a recovery method.

Clearly, a mix of both recovery solutions would suit your business the best. Most data recovery processes combine technologies, the methods chosen should be unique to each situation. Data back-up and recovery should be handled carefully. When it is done correctly, it can save you a fortune in time and effort.

As the leading provider of data back-up and recovery services in Jacksonville, we urge you to give us a call in preparation for the next hurricane season. Our experts are ready to assist you in safeguarding your data and weathering the storm. Call Techsperts today and experience the finest in Jacksonville Managed IT Services.


What are the Preferred Data Backup and Recovery Methods?


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The hybrid solution would be your best option. Having multiples copies of your backups is the most secure method, and also the most efficient. This eliminates the need for your devices to tie up bandwidth during business hours while backing up to the cloud. With this option, you can backup locally first and then reproduce it to the cloud after business hours.

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