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7 Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

The global managed services market could grow by a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% between 2021 and 2028. More businesses are recognizing the need for managed IT solutions. In fact, the industry could reach $552.35 Billion by 2028.

Outsourcing IT could boost your productivity, cut unnecessary spending, and improve your bottom line.

On the fence about hiring a managed IT company to support your business? Here are seven reasons you shouldn't wait. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision with your business in mind. 

Read on to discover the top benefits of outsourcing your IT management today!

1. Experience and Expertise

How much experience do you have with IT solutions? You're already busy enough trying to become a thought leader in your industry. You shouldn't have to keep up with IT trends, too.

Unfortunately, if you're not tracking the latest technologies and procedures, you could fall behind. Your customers might choose a more up-and-coming business instead.

Before that can happen, consider outsourcing managed IT solutions.

A managed IT company can review your current infrastructure. They can help you make informed decisions moving forward. With their help, you can avoid choosing technologies or trends that aren't relevant to your business.

Instead, you can discuss your distinct business goals. Then, your IT management team will help you make technology decisions based on those goals.

You can also leverage their experience and expertise to benefit your in-house team.

For example, your in-house team might lack expertise on a certain subject. You don't need to hire another full-time employee to help. Instead, you can request an expert with the relevant expertise from your managed IT company.

They can help support your in-house team by providing the experience and expertise they need.

2. Stay Competitive

Huge corporations can spend more time and money on their in-house IT team and new technologies. Small businesses don't have to overspend to remain competitive, though. Instead, consider managed IT solutions.

Your IT management team can help you find opportunities your competitors are neglecting. With their help, you can find ways to get ahead of the competition. 

You can better utilize your budget, get ahead, and start impressing customers. You could have an easier time drawing customers to your business as a result. 

3. Improve Your Reputation

About 70% of customers say their shopping experience drives buying decisions. Over 85% will even pay more for a better experience. Improving your customer experience can boost revenue by 80%, too.

If your current infrastructure is slow or outdated, your customers might get frustrated. They could think you're incapable of providing the help they need. They might turn toward your competitors instead.

Meanwhile, they could tell friends and family members about their negative experiences.

Before that can happen, consider hiring a managed IT company. They can pinpoint issues with your current infrastructure. They'll determine areas that are impacting the customer experience.

Then, they can make updates to your infrastructure to avoid those problems down the road. 

Many businesses are still using the break-fix model when it comes to their IT needs. They wait for a problem to halt production. Then, they stop everything to fix the problem.

The break-fix method can cause unnecessary downtime. It can also frustrate your customers while they wait for a solution.

Instead, remain proactive with small business IT services. Your IT team will find potential pitfalls that could slow down production in the future. Then, they'll help you avoid those problems with better infrastructure.

With their help, you can improve the customer experience, which could help you retain customers long-term. 

4. React Quickly

If your business falls victim to a cyberattack or there's an outage, you need to respond right away. The longer you wait, the more downtime you'll experience. Longer moments of downtime can impact your team's productivity.

If their productivity drops, their output will, too. Your bottom line might suffer as a result.

You need to respond quickly where there's an outage or attack. Look for a managed IT company that offers remote monitoring services. They'll watch over your business, even when the lights are off.

If there's an attack, they'll respond promptly to get your business back up and running.

With their help, you can minimize downtime and remain productive. 

5. Remain Secure

Hackers are getting smarter every single day. In fact, over 40% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Many consumers will avoid companies that fall victim to an attack, too. 

Don't leave your business vulnerable. Instead, consider outsourcing IT. 

Your IT management team can make improvements to your current security. They can help you remain compliant with new laws and regulations, too. With their help, you can safeguard your customers and business.

Otherwise, consumers might struggle to trust you with their private information. They might decide to take their business elsewhere instead. You could struggle to retain long-term customers or improve your ROI as a result.

Before that can happen, consider small business IT solutions.

6. Save Money

Look at your current IT spending. Are you utilizing your budget wisely? If you're not sure, consult an IT management company.

They can review your current spending to determine how you should best utilize your budget.

Outsourcing your managed IT solutions also means you won't need to find, hire, and train an in-house team. You could reduce overhead costs as a result. Instead, you can better utilize your budget by spending money on your business. 

7. Remain Compliant

Are you up-to-date with the latest data and privacy regulations? New regulations pop up throughout the year. If you fail to remain compliant, your business could get fined.

Before that can happen, consult an IT management company. They'll help you remain up-to-date. They'll ensure you don't make any costly mistakes, either.

Set for Lasting Success: 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions

Don't let downtime impact your bottom line. Instead, consider these seven benefits of outsourcing managed IT solutions. With an experienced managed IT company at your side, you can give your business a boost.

Get ahead of competitors and remain secure by outsourcing IT today. 

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