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Infographic: Why Your Brain Loves Infographics?

infographics it’s your brain on visuals techspert servicesIt happened without many of us knowing about it: the rise of the infographic.

Part illustration, part graph, part story, and part text—infographics are a new way of getting information noticed.

So what’s the story behind their appeal?In this post, we’ll delve into neuroscience and discuss the reason why imagery affects your brain so strongly. Okay, maybe we won’t go quite that deep. But we will discuss why infographics have become so popular and where you can try your hand at them for free.


Basically, Humans Like To See Things

Studies have shown that about 65% of the population are visual learners. This means that their eyes are the preferred method of input. Don’t tell them; show them.

Even for the 25% of people who are auditory learners or the 15% of people who are kinesthetic learners, information presented with bold colors and bright friendly designs are undoubtedly attention grabbing.

That’s just the way we humans are.

Because the design of infographics leads your eyes from point to point, it’s much easier to isolate the most salient facts.

Important quotations, main points, statistics—these are all highlighted in infographics in a way that is much easier for your brain to comprehend.

If you’re like most people, you’re not actually reading every single word on this blog post.

Without knowing it, you are probably skimming it, looking for the most important bits.

And that’s okay. Thanks to our Internet-driven short attention spans, that’s just the way things work. Infographics take advantage of this pattern. It’s like they say to us: 

Never mind all that text. Here’s the important stuff. Look! We’ve highlighted it in red for you!


Why Infographics Are Important For Businesses

Adding visual media to your website or social media page—whether the visual media is a video, picture, infographic, or an old-school graph—doesn’t just add interest to it.

It also drives engagement. It’s easier to relate to pictures than text; it’s also much easier to remember them. Just as a really stunning picture will set your product apart, an infographic really drives your point home.


So You Want To Try Your Hand at Creating Your Own Infographic

In times past, if you wanted an infographic, you had to hire someone who understood graphic design and whatever software programs the publishing industry was using.

Now, there are plenty of places you can create your own infographic.

You may not be able to customize every last detail, but sites like Piktochart,, and at least let you fill up an infographic with your own information.

These sites are free to try, although you have the option of buying into them as well.

Infographics aren’t just the latest wave of Internet design, they aren’t simply an interesting marketing tool, and they aren’t just the lazy person’s way of gathering a few relevant facts.

They are a bona fide way of making your main point standout. And for businesses, they are invaluable.



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