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Use Google for Work to Manage Your Communication

managing communication with google for work techspert servicesHow can you manage your company’s email, schedules, and other communications? Tools from Google for Work are a great place to start.

According to George Bernard Shaw, “Syllables govern the world.” This is so very true when you’re running a business. Saying (or writing) the right syllables can have as big an effect as any of your actions. If you’re in doubt, just watch an inept salesperson at work (not your own, hopefully.) A sure-shot sale can go down the tubes in minutes if communication is bad.

In prior posts, we discussed multiple ways Google for Work can make your business more productive and efficient. In this post, we’re going to look at some Google Apps for Work tools that facilitate communication: Hangouts, Drive, Calendar, and Gmail.

Using Google for Work to Manage Your Communication

Let’s start by saying that we’re proud to use and recommend Google for Work business solutions. We may be biased, but we only recommend what we ourselves use. Now, let’s move on to the good stuff.

Google Apps offers a couple of different ways to keep in-company communication flowing freely. Hangouts can be used to chat with remote colleagues (via video, voice, or text). It has a handy screen-share function built into the program (awesome for training purposes). Drive is a secure repository of your company’s documents that have been uploaded to the cloud. Your team members can access them anywhere, and if you use Google Docs, Sheets, or other apps, teams can work on them simultaneously as well.

If you want to align schedules, you can’t beat Google Calendar’s group calendar function.  We’ve covered this in detail, so feel free to learn how to create and use a group calendar here.

As always, these apps come with Google for Works’ usual perks of reliability and security, so you don’t have to worry about managing the technical side of your tools — Google does that. You just do the initial user setup, which is easy, and use the apps.

Better B2C Communication with Google Apps

Google Apps can also help you communicate with your customers, partners, and suppliers. Hangouts is a standout in this facet of communications. You get the benefits of an in-person meeting without the travel costs. And Google+ can keep you connected with others in your industry as well as with your customer base.

Google’s flagship communication app is undoubtedly Gmail. A business account with Gmail not only looks more professional — you get a customized email address, which always inspires confidence — it’s also quite easy to manage multiple accounts. With an uptime of 99 percent, offline access, and integration with popular email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird as well as other Google Apps, it puts the power to communicate in your reach at all times.

There’s one aspect of B2C communication that we haven’t covered in this post: your website.  Join Techsperts Talks next week as we discuss what Google for Work can do for your company’s online presence.


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