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Should You Get Your Own Mobile Business App?

get your own mobile business app  techspert servicesSmall businesses are using mobile technology like never before. This brings up the question of mobile apps. s

“Oh, man, over a million apps in the Google Play store, and not one of them is mine!”

Don’t despair. Instead, ask yourself:

Does My Business Really Need a Mobile App?

We’re not knocking mobile apps here. We love them on our tablets and smartphones, and they serve a huge purpose for businesses large and small. With a mobile app, you can reach out to your customers directly; it’s your business’s own personal conduit for direct marketing, a potentially valuable ally for your customer service department, and a great way to keep your name and professional identity fresh in your audience’s minds.

But wait, as the pitchmen say, there’s more! And that’s the possibility that your business doesn’t need a mobile app right now. How can you tell?

  • The majority of your customers aren’t mobile-oriented. If your customer base is not active on Facebook, would you have a Facebook page for your business? Probably not. It’s not an effective marketing strategy. Likewise, if your customers aren’t likely to look to their tablets and smartphones for information, you may not need to invest in a mobile app.
  • The app doesn’t do anything. One app I rarely use functions as nothing more than a container for the mobile version of the company’s website. And let me tell you, I hate this app because it doesn’t actually do anything relevant to the business. I can look at their website. Big deal. I can do that from my browser.

You do not want this to be the fate of your mobile app. Unless your mobile app actually does something worthwhile—sends in an order, connects with customer reps, lets you manage your account—it’s just going to annoy you.

  • Your business isn’t app-friendly. Some businesses really need the instant connection a mobile app can provide. Others, not so much. An app for a grocery store is a great thing. An app for your local pool cleaning company isn’t. Unless your customers are likely to use your app on the go, why bother? Invest in a good website instead, and make sure it’s optimized for mobile usage to cover your bases.

Mobile apps can be an excellent way to stay in contact with your customers, but they aren’t a necessity for every small business. Before you spend the cash on having one developed, make sure it’s the right move for your customers—and for you.

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