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Cyber Security Threats That Small Businesses Face

small-business-techspertsSmall businesses are facing issues with their cyber security as hackers shift focus to these easy targets. According to Forbes, it is named the number 4 problem for small businesses.

Instead of only focusing their targets on big corporate companies, the bullies see the smaller companies as an easy target. Hackers will take advantage of the lack of resources small businesses have to protect them from danger lurking into their system. To protect their haven from the demons tampering with their security, these are wise steps smaller businesses should take:

4 Step Process

  1. Develop a Written Policy on Security for Employees
  2. Have Stronger Passwords
  3. Encrypt Data
  4. Embrace Cloud Services

About 87 percent of businesses do not have a formal written policy for employees and 77 percent believe they are safe from cyber threats. Founder of ClikCloud, Dan Shapero suggested business owners and their IT departments should stay up to date on cyber security issues. A document can be created for employees to follow, that will give them the knowledge and preparation for cyber threats.

Trickier and less obvious passwords should be made to prevent easy access to data. Also, businesses need to have various passwords for different logins and never the exact same code.

Moreover, disk encryption software can be used to make data become unreadable hindering hackers from attempting to crack codes.

Lastly, businesses can make the wise decision of using cloud services. Cloud services have greater security and cost less than IT configuration, are more efficient when it comes to accessibility, and maintain constant surveillance.

Smaller businesses must take a stand and protect what is theirs so as not to become a victim of theft. For their protection, they must become educated, make wise decisions, and never assume safety isn’t an issue. If more businesses can follow this strategy, then the less of a problem cyber security will be for the little guys.