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The Most Helpful Technical Support Consulting

Global cybercrime could inflict over $6 trillion in damages by the end of the year. By 2025, damages could reach $10.5 trillion. It's no wonder 70% of consumers think businesses aren't doing enough to secure their private information.

Instead of risking your customers' private information (and your professional reputation), consider technical support consulting. Finding the best technical support consulting company could benefit your business for years to come. You can abandon the break-fix model, boost productivity, and improve your bottom line.

On the fence? Not sure who to hire? Who needs technical support consulting, anyway?

Keep reading to find out!

In this guide, we'll review the benefits of technical support consulting. We even have tips to help you find the best technician support consulting in Orlando. Get started with this helpful guide today!

Benefits of Technical Support Consulting

Who needs technical support consulting, and how can it benefit your business?

Any business, big or small, can benefit by hiring a technical support consulting firm. Here are a few benefits to keep in mind. Understanding why you should hire a professional team can help you make a smarter choice for your business.

1. Get Proactive

Many businesses still use the break-fix model. They wait for technical issues to arise, then pause everything to fix the problem. This model could waste your time, money, and impact your productivity.

Meanwhile, your consumers might get frustrated.

In fact, 73% of customers say customer experiences help drive buying decisions. About 86% would pay more for a better customer experience.

Companies can experience an 80% increase in revenue after improving the customer experience, too.

If you're still using the break-fix method, consider technical support consulting.

One of the benefits of technical support consulting is that it allows you to take a proactive approach to your IT setup. Your technical team can pinpoint potential problems. Then, they'll make the necessary adjustments to help you avoid issues down the road. 

With their help, you can avoid unnecessary downtime, which can improve your bottom line.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Businesses that are looking for ways to cut in-house costs can enjoy the benefits of technical support consulting, too.

You can work with your IT team to recognize areas where you can minimize spending. They can recognize areas of your IT setup that are draining your budget. They can even help you plan how to better utilize your budget for the upcoming year.

In fact, about 60% of businesses already outsource to save money.

You don't have to hire an entire in-house IT team. Instead, outsource. You'll only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Then, you can start spending more money on improving your business.

3. Protect Your Business

Another business becomes a victim of ransomware every 11 seconds. The top cyber threats include:

  • Data leaking
  • Ransomware
  • Insider threats
  • Cyber hacking
  • Phishing

About 6.85 million accounts are hacked daily. If you fall victim to a hack, your customers will take notice. They might take their business elsewhere.

Meanwhile, your professional reputation could start to suffer.

Before that can happen, hire the best technical support consulting firm around. They can protect your business. They'll even ensure your business remains compliant with GDPR regulations.

With their help, you can avoid a potential fine. In fact, these fines are sometimes worth 4% of your annual turnover.

Your technical supporting firm can recognize potential security flaws. They'll safeguard your business and your customers. They can even protect your remote workers.

4. Get Help ASAP

When your systems crash, you can't wait to call for help. Every second of downtime could hurt your bottom line. With technical support, you won't have to wait.

You can get immediate help and minimize your downtime.

5. Compete With Corporations

Small businesses can remain competitive with big corporations by using technical support consulting. You'll gain access to the experience and expertise you need. Meanwhile, you'll never have to worry about falling behind the trends.

Your IT consulting team will help you recognize opportunities for growth your competitors haven't considered yet. 

How to Find the Best Technical Support Consultant

It's not enough to hire technical support consultants, though. Rather, you need to find the best consultants with your business in mind. Here are five tips that can help. 

1. Relevant Experience

First, look for an established technical support consulting firm. Find a team with years of experience. Make sure their experience is relevant to your industry, too.

You can leverage their previous experience with businesses like yours. Your technical consultants will already know exactly what you need to optimize your operations. 

2. A Proactive Approach

Remember, the break-fix model could waste your time and money. Instead, ask each technical support firm about their approach. How will they help improve your business?

Look for a company that will customize its approach with your needs and goals in mind. A cookie-cutter approach won't benefit your business.

Make sure the company has plans to help you remain proactive and on top of potential issues.

3. The Right Tools

Ask each company about the tools they use. For example, do they utilize remote monitoring and management tools? These companies will have an easier time quickly responding to any problems you're experiencing. 

Consider the services each company offers, too. Make sure their services match your distinct needs.

4. A Strong Reputation 

A company with a strong professional reputation will offer the best services to maintain that reputation. Ask each company for reviews and case studies.

Talk to a business owner within your same industry. Ask how the technical support consulting firm helped their business.

You can also look for reviews on the company's BBB and Google My Business listings. 

5. The Right Price

Ask each company for an itemized list of their services. Get quotes from at least three companies. Comparing each company's fees will help you gauge the average price.

Don't make a choice based solely on the price, though. Instead, review your notes to find the best technical support consulting firm based on your needs. 

Get Proactive: Discover Orlando's Best Technical Support Consulting Services

Don't try to handle your technical issues alone. Instead, consider the benefits of technical support consulting. With these tips, you can find the best consulting firm with your business goals in mind. 

Want to speed up your search? We can help. 

Explore our IT support services today to get started. 

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