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What Can You Learn From The Cybersecurity Event In Jacksonville Beach?

Cybersecurity threats have become an ever-growing concern for individuals, businesses, and even cities and towns. Recently, the City of Jacksonville Beach faced a significant cybersecurity event that impacted its operations, raising questions about the broader and long ranging impacts of cybersecurity events on personal data and organizations.

Municipalities are often considered easy targets due to the critical services they provide and the complexity of managing vast amounts of sensitive data against the defenses and systems they have in place to hold off intrusion attacks. Unlike the federal government and its most sensitive information, smaller government entities like cities and towns don’t have the budgets to invest in the highest levels of data security. This makes them especially vulnerable for attack and often puts them in reactive mode when an incident occurs.

This is not to say that cyberattacks are only against smaller organizations. A recent Fortune article stated that cyberattacks are the number one worry for business leaders and that this fear goes beyond size and industry. Every company regardless of size, industry or data scale should have structure, systems and processes in place to both prevent and handle cybersecurity events.

DefinIT’s approach to cybersecurity is comprehensive. Our systems and processes deal with everything from malicious traffic and unmanaged device detection to anti-ransomware protection and managed threat response. We use Sophos Intercept X Endpoint as our core security technology and leverage our years of expertise across a variety of companies sizes and industries to customize a security solution that protects your data, your employees and your enterprise.

For small and medium sized businesses, phishing should be viewed like any other cybersecurity event and not just spam email people should avoid. A link in an unverified email address can lead to the theft of sensitive information like usernames or passwords or other important data that could ultimately lead to your data being held ransom. DefinIT takes a proactive approach to dealing with phishing email by both sets up a technology infrastructure that blocks attacks and quarantines threats but also provide end users training on what to look for in phishing emails.

The cybersecurity event that impacted the City of Jacksonville Beach serves as a stark reminder of the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats. It highlights the urgent need for organizations regardless of size or industry to invest in cybersecurity measures. As technology continues to advance, firms must adapt and fortify their defenses to protect the essential services they provide and the sensitive information they manage. Whether it's ransomware attacks, data breaches, or other malicious activities, make sure you do all you can to stay one step ahead of cybersecurity attacks by safeguarding your digital infrastructure.